Your customized insole
in just 4 minutes

Every foot is different. How is a single insole supposed to optimally fit thousands of foot sizes and shapes? The answer is provided by ATLAS®: With the aid of flowmould technology, the FIT INSOLE can be individually tailored to the unique arch of your foot.

Why FIT Insoles
Easy way to work better

On the flowmould station you can literally feel how your new insoles adapt to your feet, your stature and your stance – in short: to you personally. This gives the FIT Insole its unique shape and is adapted to your personal footprint.

Fit-Partner Network
All over europe

Find partners near you. On-site shoe experts help you choose the right settings and guide you through all the steps in just 4 minutes until you can hold your customised ATLAS® FIT INSOLE in your hands and then put it in your shoes.

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Preventive health care
Relieve pain

Malpositions of the foot, for example, can lead to gait disorders and thus to joint pain or muscle tension – often not only in the foot itself, but also in other indirectly affected parts of the body. A corrective insole can counteract this.